Saturday, December 4, 2010

My First Out of the Country Trip

...and it will be in Europe! Yahooooo! \(“,)_

December 3:
10:00AM - I tendered my resignation letter to SGV - the one who molded me to be an auditor.
2:00PM - My UK visa arrived at my doorsteps.

God is great! :)

Monday, November 8, 2010

cute.. =p

A week ago (Oct. 28 to be exact), out of b.o.r.e.d.o.m., after taking quiet a few FB quizzes, I took another one entitled "Which European Union (EU) capital should I live in?" =) I got this result.

I got Prague. I'm not really familiar with the place, so I just let it be. I didn't even do any research about the place. But then, just a few hours ago, while listening to Fr. Mario Sobrejuanite's homily for today's Sunday mass, he mentioned Westminster (spelling right?) in London and also Prague as two of the places that **should-be** visited. As per Fr. Mario, these two places portray Europe's architecture and the tombstones of the great kings, queens, and great warriors during those hundreds and thousand years ago. I included them to my future places to travel someday. Noted.


Last Friday (Nov. 5), I had lunch with my cousins Bona and Bigi at SM City-Iloilo. While I was waiting for them at our meeting place in Greenwich, I saw a woman wearing a white T-shirt with 6-letter word "LONDON" printed on her shirt.


Right now, while I am typing this entry, a magnet site of the Big Ben and London's Eye is on top of our computer table. This was given to me by one of my dearest friends, Mai2x, who had her trainings in United Kingdom three years ago. (I got jealous that she was able to go there and everything was company's expenses. waaaah! But I'm happy for her. And love the pasalubong. Hehe! )


And oh! I just have to mention that the FIRST to deliver me the news that I passed the CPA licensure examination last May 2008 came all the way from London. (Thanks Mai! hehe) She was in London and we were chatting (while I keep on refreshing the website page of the Professional Regulations Commission, hoping that the result is already posted, but naaah.)

Mai2x was the one who informed me that she already has the final result in her e-mail, which was forwarded to her by her company. And the great news was delivered to me. Yaaay! When I click another refresh on the PRC website, the result was in there. :)


cute lng.. mu lng na. hihi! ^__^

Thursday, October 15, 2009

First 30 minutes of My 24th Birthday

...October 15, 2009. The day that I turn 24 years old. Biente kwatro...-the age that I can be married! haha...! (Independently supporting myself, financially speaking.) Career, lovelife, supportive friends, loving family. Today is a day that I look back and am thankful of the people I met - those that I shared friendship with, I broken up friendship with, those I retained, and those that still continue to be my support system. =)

First 30 minutes of my bday. Aiken and I went to Tita Chari after our dinner at the apartment. We decided to make 3 boxes of mangoe float for tonight's bday celebration. And since we're still starting out here at the apartment - void of any "necessary" appliances such as ref - Tita Chari agreed to help prepare the "ref cake" at her place and get it tomorrow night after our church holy hour. =)

Aiken and I left Tita Chari's condo around 11:45pm, almost 12 midnight. When we opened the gate of our apartment, our place was quite, no lights were lit outside, the curtains were down. I wasn't expecting any surprises - ..when it "should be" whenever there is a birthday.

When I opened the door and switched on the lights, *jaaaaaran* - Apollo, Tin2x, Ayesa, Felix, Amalea, Bianca, Beybi and also Aiken sang the birthday song. They also lighted the candles on the Krispy Kreme donuts brought by Apollo.

They also designed the little Nips on top of these brownies and scattered choco crinkles, greeted me with a "H-B Ms. Roce". (Just understand that H-B stands for Happy Birthday. ;p) The box on top of that, not included in the picture, were the 12 pieces of Krispy Kreme doughnuts, with different and colorful flavors.

Below is a combined effort made by them, while me and Aiken were at Tita Chari's place, with my picture at La Mesa Ecopark at the bottom left corner of the "placard", designed with flowers and butterflies. :-)

Below (L-R) are Aiken, Me and Tin2x. Tin2x documented the first 30 minutes of my birthday with a video and birthday messages from all that were present on the eve of my birthday. =)
What else can I wish for? This simple suprises from friends who serve as my family here - who give generously and unselfishly - whom I can count on in times of need - and who understand and accept me simply as I am, had made an effort to start my day as a true blessing.

Schedule for today:

  • Attend the morning mass.
  • Spend half day at work.
  • Take a leave this afternoon.
  • Make another recipe this afternoon for tonight's party.
  • Talk with Msgr. at St. Andrew Parish by 6pm, before our holy hour starts at 7pm.
  • Attend the holy hour.
Then, dretso na sa apartment to celebrate my birthday. w/ my new found friends at church and also with friends residing here in Manila. =)

Those pics above were just the first 30 minutes of today. There's more to come.
It's a wonderful day! And it's raining! I can hear the raindrops on the rooftop. haha!

Love Lots,
Oct. 15, 2009 2:35AM

A Night of Wisdom with Annie

Annie... she's the friend whom I prayed that God will give me at the time I needed a person to be called a "friend". How we met? I lined up at a telephone booth here in Makati and she was the one next in line. She heard me talking in my native tounge, Ilonggo, to the person I was talking to at the other line. After my call, she let the one next to her to use the phone, talked to me and asked the most obvious question, "Ilonggo ka?"

Two complete strangers looking for a soulmate. And that was the start of a real and lasting friendship.


We met up last Monday night after the business presentation I attended. She fetched me after the meeting and treated me at Tapa King! :-) (Monday was my lucky day. I just spent 10pesos before this dinner. For what? For the tricycle I rode from home to the street near work. And why? Because Richard treated me for lunch. For the afternoon snack, the father of the president of my current client treated his employees for a bountiful afternoon snack, including me. *yay!* And for dinner, Anne treated me.) When she found out my total cost for the day, she insisted that we'll take a cab from Tapa King to our apartment. toinks! I had no choice. bleeeh.

The dinner was a night of wisdom. We mostly talk about mature things, of the changes that happened to us since we met almost 3 years ago. We talked about never owing people any explanation about what you do with your life. She shared that there is no essence in staying to a conflict, or to judge other people about what they do with their lives nor you judge them. We talked about anything that burdens your heart. Two words: Let go. I asked, "Let go of conflicts?" She answered, "Let go... of everything." I breathed.

She stayed overnight at the apartment. I'm expecting her to be at my birthday party tonight. :-)

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Best News Ever!

  • I arrived on time today. 7:58am! =)
  • I have one new mail from the head of our human resource department.
  • And twiiiiiink!

"....Salary adjustments, including the merit increases
and other special adjustments, PLUS the
discretionary bonus (yahoooo!)
will be given on October 15. Mah bday!" =)

The day starts right. It's just 8:15am. More blessings to come!

A rainy Thursday morning!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pataan Falls

The Pataan Falls is one of the newest tourist destinations in Bago City, Negros Occidental. The amenities include swimming pool, cottages, houses for overnight stay and the magnificent falls that provide a cool and refreshing feeling to the place. We visited Pataan Falls last August 31, 2009 with my family and officemates (Gene, Ethan and Rene).

..The falls and the running water..

(R-L) Rene, Me, Ethan (white cap), Gene (yellow)

..The swimming pool area..

..Candid shot with my family..

9-15-09 11:27AM

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Today marked our first month as a couple. =)